Trap is set in New Zealand during the 1950’s and based on the story of a young girl dealing with displacement.  After a trial adoption Christine finds herself struggling to adapt to her new home.  The couple that adopted her also face difficulties, which are well beyond a child’s ability to comprehend.  All three are trapped.  Christine finds solace in her own mind and the creepy crawly world under the rocks.  The insect ecosphere reflects her fracturing reality and helps Christine find a way to set everyone free.










New Zealand, early 1950s.

Roley and June live in a two story villa on on the outskirts of Nelson. The once well-maintained home is suffering from neglect. Roley is unable to attend to maintenance due to his condition, and the couple are only just surviving on June's meagre earnings. She has no time nor money to pay for help.

A distinctively New Zealand flavour.

The distinct aesthetic of the narrative was inspired by the paintings of local artists Michael Smithers and Rita Angus. Stylisation of character and symbolism within their work resonated with Trap’s ‘docu-drama’ approach to storytelling. 


An exciting exploration of 3D animation.

The film provides us with a great vehicle for exploring, experimenting and showcasing our design, modelling, texturing and lighting expertise. Animation, like painting, starts with a blank canvas. Each frame is an individual artwork which, when combined, crafts a much bigger picture. We’re creating a rich, dynamic and cinematic reflection of actuality to take this particular story to the screen.



Director: Paul James

Writer: Kahra Scott-James

Producer: Tony Leslie

Technical Directors: Kelsey Jones, Vlad Vasin

Animators: Alfredo Lorenzo, Jordan Hippolite, Robin Wilson-Davey.

Concept Artist: Rob Zohrab