A short film

Craig Gladding

Craig has a tactile approach to visual story telling, he enjoys working with real or handcrafted objects, manipulating and combining them with other techniques to create tangible films that effectively communicate a concept or more

Anmesty International - 60"tvc



City Mission - 30"tvc



DeliMenu - 45"tvc



Lawsons - 30"tvc


Tom McCarten is a multidisciplinary Director, Designer and Animator.

Always with a creative solution in hand and wielding his diverse tookit. 

The A to Z of Television  - Channel Promo



Cadbury Dream Factory - Intro Titles



Icestack - Web promo

Dream Factory_06.jpg

Paul James

Paul’s background in design and object making is evident is his film-making. Working with real materials has given Paul an acute sense of form, space and more



Protector - 30"tvc



Graham - 60" Film



Global Plus - 60"tvc



Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards 2013  - Graphics Package



Hellers Cocktails - 30"tvc



Anchor Export  - 30"tvc



iSky - 30"tvc



Smart Vent - 30"tvc